Eve Salon

Come In...Hang Out...Get Stuff Done.

Eve is a place to relax while addressing the necessities.  We aim to provide a nurturing environment that promotes health and beauty, as well as rejuvenation and relaxation.  For over 25 years Eve has brought together the elements essential to making a salon experience a memorable one.  We offer the best in skin and nail care, and use only products of the highest integrity. 

But of all the elements that make Eve unique, the most distinctive is the human element.  It is our goal to staff the spa with talented, professional people who care.  We look for staff members who want to guide and pamper our clients and see that they receive only the best possible service and treatment.


How long do I have to wait between waxes?
Usually 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly or slowly your hair grows. Usually hair grows slower in winter months and faster in the summer months (so you would need to come in more frequently.)

How long does the hair have to be?
Hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long in order to be long enough to grab with the wax. Ideal is between a quarter to a half inch in length.

What can I do before waxing to prevent pain and/or irritation?
Check first with your doctor but some find that taking an over the counter pain reliever an hour before getting waxed helps to reduce some of the pain felt during the service.  There are also some over the counter products that can reduce the pain associated with waxing.  Make sure that you do not exfoliate, expose the area to the sun, apply any moisturizer, or exercise vigorously before your wax appointment as this may contribute to irritation and may damage your skin.

How should I treat my newly waxed skin?
Make sure that you do not sunbathe, exfoliate (with scrubs or acids), or go to the gym for about 24 hours after waxing.  Also, do not use anything on your waxed skin that contains artificial colors or fragrances as they may irritate or infect your skin.  If any wax residue remains on your skin it can be gently washed off with soap and water.  Do not scrub.  Any gentle body oil would also work.

Does waxing hurt?
Yes.  The bottom line is that your hair is being pulled out by the root.  Different body parts hurt more or less than others.  We try to minimize the pain by utilizing superior wax techniques and by waxing as quickly as possible.

What is in the gourmet wax?
Our gourmet wax is a gentler form of hot wax containing essential oils of citrus, mint and vitamin E to reduce inflammation.  The formula adheres to the skin less making for a gentler pull, thereby reducing some of the trauma and pain associated with a wax service.  Some clients have told us that they get less ingrowns using the gourmet wax and most tell us that their skin is much less red, making it ideal to use on the face.  Please always feel free to come in for a patch test if you would like to see how your skin would react.  We highly recommend it.

What is the difference between the Basic Bikini, French, Brazilian, and Sphynx® waxes?
Let's put this in language that we New Yorkers understand...

The BASIC BIKINI wax eliminates the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway and tidies up Harlem.  (It removes whatever would show if you were wearing a traditional bathing suit.)

The FRENCH BIKINI wax will reach Central Park on the East and West Sides as far south as 59th street.  The same line is followed up through Harlem.  Everything in the Downtown Area remains intact. (It goes a little narrower than the Basic bikini but not into the Brazilian zones. It's a happy medium between a Basic and a Brazilian)

The BRAZILIAN BIKINI removes the entire East and West Sides and (in between) the Downtown Area.  You decide how much to remove or leave behind in Central Park and Harlem.  (It removes whatever hair would show if you were to wear a thong bikini.  There is hair remaining.)

The SPHYNX wipes out all of Manhattan!

Can I get my eyebrows waxed on the same day as a facial?
We do not recommend doing so.  Most of our facials include exfoliation and acids that may make the skin too sensitive to have a wax service the same day.  Please space them at least 24 hours between each other.
Try eyebrow threading instead for a safer alternative.  (available by appointment only)

Will I be red after my service?
Most clients show some reaction after a wax service.  It can range from slightly pink skin to some swelling to little red spots where the hair was pulled out.  These reactions are normal and typically all these signs go away overnight.

Can I tan or go to the beach after my service?
To prevent burning or discoloration of your skin you must allow at least 24 hours after a wax service before going into the sun.  The topmost layer of dead skin that protects skin from burning rays of the sun is removed during waxing.

Can I come during my “time of the month”?
Yes, although many client find that waxing is more painful during this time.

How long does a brazilian take to complete?
Plan on spending about 10-15 minutes in the room for your brazilian wax service.

What kind of safety precautions does Eve take with waxing?
Client safety is our number one priority at Eve.  Every wax table is sterilized between every client, and we have a strict no double-dipping policy to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.  If you have specific questions, please contact our salon coordinators at (212) 807-8054.


How long will I have to wait after getting my nails done?
We recommend waiting about half an hour for your nails to dry and an hour for toes to dry enough to allow you to put shoes on.  In summer months when flip flops can be worn, your drying time can be shortened.

Does Eve have nail drying stations?


How long do manicures and pedicures take?

Plan on 30 minutes for a manicure and 30-45 minutes for a pedicure…and then figure in some drying time!

What is a moon manicure?
First popular in the '20s, the moon manicure is making a comeback!  Accenting the natural "moon" near the cuticle in the nail bed with one color and polishing the rest of the nail with a complimentary color will bring you back to the raging '20s and into the 21st century in one fashion forward manicure!  This fashionable throwback takes some extra work so please plan for an additional 15 minutes for your service and drying time.

What is a Shellac Manicure or Pedicure?
After careful consideration Eve is proud to bring you the safest solution in gel polish from CND Shellac. Shellac goes on like polish and wears like a gel, without damage to your nails.  With zero buffing and virtually no damage to the natural nail, the Shellac Manicure and Pedicure help the natural nail to grow while looking natural and staying durable.  After curing almost instantly under a 9-watt UV-A lamp, you'll be ready to hit the streets with perfectly polished fingers and toes for weeks!

Can Eve remove gels or acrylic nails?
Because Eve works exclusively with CND Shellac, we are unable to remove any other brand of gels or acrylic nails.  Each type of gel nail requires different methods and products for removal.  We cannot guarantee that the products we use will be effective in the removal of any other gel.  Removing acrylics or non soak-off gels requires a drill or professional strength buffer.  We believe these are extremely damaging to the natural nail bed and do not recommend them.

I've heard horror stories about not-so-hygenic practices at other salons.  How is Eve different?

We've heard the same horror stories and have built what we consider the most sanitary possible conditions and practices for relaxing, beautiful, safe, and healthy nail services.  Each client receives their own file kit for porous tools such as files and orange sticks.  (If you bring your kit back on subsequent visits, there's even a discount plus the added benefit of reusing and being green!)  Metal tools are disinfected thoroughly in industry-standard disinfectant between each client, ensuring their sterility.  Our pedicure bowls are manufactured by Sani-Jet, a pipe-free jacuzzi system which is able to be quickly disassembled and disinfected between each use.  If you have any specific questions, our salon coordinators will be happy to answer them at (212) 807-8054.


What skin care lines does Eve carry?
We use Yonka and Plum during our facial services and we have the full line of Yonka facial skincare available to purchase along with choice products from Skinceuticals, Plum and Epicuren.

What is your basic facial?

Our Essential facial includes a full skin analysis and extraction along with customized treatment and care for your individual needs.


What are Eve’s store hours?
We are open from 12 to 7 on Mondays, 11 to 7 on Tuesdays, 10:30 to 8:30 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10 to 8 on Fridays, 10 to 7 on Saturdays, and 10 to 6 on Sundays.  We offer extended hours during the summer and holidays.  Call for more information.

Can I tip on a credit card?

Gratuities can be left in cash or on any credit card.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please allow 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a reservation.  Reservations cancelled in less than the requested time will incur a 100% cancellation fee.  We understand that life happens which is why the amount charged for your cancellation will be applied as a credit to your account for you to use for 2 weeks after the cancellation.

What if I'm running late?

Give the salon a call!  We will let you know if we will be able to accommodate you at a later time.  Due to the quick nature of our business and the importance of running on schedule for timely clients, we may not be able to perform services for late clients or may have to substitute a truncated service for the one originally booked.  Please note that many waxing appointments are only 15 minutes long, while manicure are 30 minutes long, so a lateness of even 10 minutes for either one of those service may result in a reschedule.


How much should I leave as a gratuity?
Our staff greatly and graciously appreciates and accepts gratuities from clients who are satisfied with their service.  While gratuity is a option and certainly not mandatory, it is usually seen as a “thank you” for a service well performed.  It is customary to leave 20-25% of the service total.

What are EVEryday Points?
We have created a points system to reward YOU!  You are automatically enrolled and are earning points with every dollar you spend.  There are big points bonuses for referring friends and booking appointments in advance.  Click here for more information on how you can get rewarded!

Do you offer massage?

We do not offer massage therapies or body treatments but our “sister” spa, Haven, at 150 Mercer Street in Soho does offer all of these services.  Please call them at 212-343-3515 or visit their website at havenspa.nyc.